Color Guard Request

First a little history.  The modern day GSSAR Color Guard was established in 1993 with Samuel J. Padgett Jr. as Commander.  During the past 24 years seven Compatriots have led the Color Guard.  Many awards have been won, but all the activities we have been involved in has left us with a rich tradition.  Invitations from various corners of the State increase each year.  Yes we are in demand to participate in various events, and be the face of the Sons of the American Revolution.

If you are a member and with to join, contact Bill Palmer the current Commander.  After you assemble a uniform (either Militia or Continental), and attend your first ceremony send a copy of your receipt in to receive $100 from the Georgia Fellows.  Those who currently have a Militia uniform, and wish to purchase the new Continental uniform is also eligible for the $100 stipend even though they may have received it previously.

The Color Guard is available to participate in your event.  Please use the form below to request the Color Guard.  Due to demand, please submit your request as far in advance as possible!

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