GASSAR Presentation

The link below will take you to a new Microsoft online power point presentation for you to use locally for public education and new member recruitment. It is 76 slides covering the Revolutionary War in the South, family genealogy and joining the SAR and DAR. It is meant to be both educational and entertaining so that other civic groups, which are a rich ground for new members, will actually want to see it. You can add it to your laptop or download it onto a thump memory drive so it can be inserted into a smart TV, which is available at many hotels and meeting centers.

It can be edited by your local chapter to add in slides from your local activities or used in the present state. The slides are self explanatory, all you have to do is read the caption and quickly move
through the program. If you pace the presentation to only 10-15 seconds, or less, per slide, you can cover it in less than 15 minutes. I highly recommend that you save all questions and discussion until you are finished, or the program could become too long. If you have any questions or comments , please let me know. John Trussell, GASSAR Public Relations Committee 478-953-9320

Click here to go to the online presentation