Speaker’s Bureau

The Speakers Bureau is designed to inform outside groups about the SAR, The Georgia Society and our pursuit of Educational, Historical and Patriotic activities resulting from the American Revolution. SAR and DAR Chapters can also be a good audience for programs, using our developing resources.

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Founding Fathers, VHS, 4 tapes, run time about 200 minutes, The History Channel, 2000. They were the most legendary and respected politicians, statesmen and warriors of history’s first republic since the days of ancient Rome. In this comprehensive four-part series, gain a fascinating, engagingly intimate glimpse behind the iconic images on the marble busts and the noble faces gazing out from our dollar bills and pocket change. Discover the remarkable, unseen private sides of the men who risked their reputations, fortunes and lives for the cause of American independence. Also available in DVD format. Donated by LCDR Albert Harper.

Liberty! The American Revolution, VHS, 3 tapes, run time about 360 minutes, PBS Home Video, 1997. Featuring dramatic readings from letters and diaries of the period plus live-action re-creations, this compelling series traces the events leading up to the war and America’s fight for freedom. In 1763, the French have left and America is at peace under British rule. But dissension is mounting, signified by the Boston Tea Party and publication of Tom Paine’s book, Common Sense. Follow the course of revolution as George Washington assumes leadership, Benjamin Franklin goes to France seeking support, and ordinary Americans come together in a conflict that will forge a new nation. Also available in DVD format. Donated by LCDR Albert Harper.

The Revolutionary War, volumes 1 & 2, VHS, 2 tapes, run time about 100 minutes, Discovery Channel (TLC), 1995. Relive the birth of a nation… It was the world’s first revolution–and right ’til the end, the outcome lay in doubt. Now, the birth of America unfolds in this epic narrated by Charles Kuralt. Beautifully filmed and grippingly told, The Revolutionary War recaptures the spirit of ’76 through battle reenactments, and the words of the participants. In this stunning production from The Learning Channel, history becomes a rousing drama–and it all begins on an April morning in New England, with a shot heard round the world. Also available in DVD format. Donated by LCDR Albert Harper.

We also have the following resources available in VHS and DVD format from a variety of sources, including Presentations by the National Park Service, training films from the US Army Signal Corps and others:

Daybreak at the Cowpens (National Parks Service), 20 minutes
Another Such Victory: The Battle of Guilford Courthouse (National Parks Service), 30 minutes
Kettle Creek (US Army Signal Corps Training Film), 32 minutes
Casimir Pulaski, 23 minutes
The Road to Kings Mountain (Back Then), 29 minutes
Siege Of Yorktown (National Parks Service), 16 minutes
Sons of the American Revolution (Heritage Interview), 35 minutes
A Tour of Elijah Clark State Park, 5 minutes
The United States Flag (History / Pledge / Flag Etiquette), 60 minutes
Many Faces of Old Glory (Vane Scott) “The Concert”, 57 minutes
The Battle at Moores Creek, 13 minutes