President’s Dispatch


Welcome to the Website of the Georgia Society Sons of the American Revolution. We are a hereditary organization consisting of 32 Chapters across Georgia that is entrusted to perpetuate the traditions, symbolism, values and respect for our National heritage as given to us by our Revolutionary War Patriot ancestors.

The Georgia Society SAR is a sponsor of scholarship and recognition programs for High School, Middle and Elementary school students, as well as ROTC and JROTC Cadets, and the BSA Eagle Scouts. We promote American values and principals by recognizing the youth of today and building the American leadership of tomorrow.

Whether in Revolutionary War era uniforms, 18 century period dress, or 21st century business attire, our membership delivers presentations on American Heritage, our Constitution, Colonial History and many other themes depicting the traditions of the men and women that won our freedom and built the American Nation.

The Georgia Society Color Guard, dressed in period Continental uniform and Militia, has won many awards for their participation in civic events, parades, patriotic programs, battle site observances, Historic events, Governmental and Military events, and marking the graves of our ancestral veterans.

Our State and National Society membership of the Sons of the American Revolution comes from all walks of life as we have in our Society citizens from across America including Students, Businessmen, Educators, Civil Servants, General Public, Parents and Grandparents.  Our more prominent membership over time includes 16 past Presidents of the United States, Medal of Honor recipients and Supreme Court Justices but, in the end, we are all equal living representatives of our nation’s past.

It is a Privilege and responsibility of every American, no matter what your position or status in life, to preserve what our Patriot Ancestors fought and died to create, a Free Republic built on tradition, faith and family values dedicated to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

We encourage you, while visiting our Website, to contact our Society at through our Contact Us tab above for further information on Membership in the Sons of the American Revolution.  Help us remember not only your Family Patriot Ancestor but, all the men that built this Nation we call home, the United States of America.